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The Movie based on Animal Crossing Wild World - 2006

Any Animal Crossing fan would love to see a movie based on this beautiful game. In 2006, Nintendo pleased us with an Anime Movie based on the Animal Crossing Wild World! The thing is that it was not released worldwide, just for Japan.

For that reason, we decided to create a review/opinion since we saw it and here are the 5 reasons to see this Animal Crossing

  1. Movie Plot
  2. Game References
  3. Characters
  4. Animations
  5. Moments

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Video Review

This is a hidden movie that I believe every animal crossing fan should watch and would enjoy for sure.

Movie Plot

It is just based completely on the game!

One good thing is that you can see the movie with people that doesn't play the game, it's a family movie and also made for Animal Crossing fans.

The main story starts with Ai, which is the protagonist (and you will identified, since she is new as we were one time in Animal Crossing). She just arrived to a new island and she has to start interacting the villagers, doing different missions from the Nook's Cranny Store, running from spiders and knowing her new home.

A cute adventure with a lovely message and story

Ai starts to develop bonds between different villagers, and in fact the movie has a message that you can learn from.

Game References

If you've played Animal Crossing Wild World or even a newest one like New Horizon, you will identify a lot of references to the game, like when they feel happy, you will see the animation. Or environment things like the spiders around, blue flowers, catching bugs and the pocket camp reference, where you have to deliver things to villagers and more.

An special scene I remember is where the museum is shown. I loved that, because the Stela characterization was terrific.


There are many characters that you will identify easily.
Some primary characters are:

  • Ai
  • Kaimán
  • Minina
  • Rita
Some others that you will notice for sure:
  • Apolo
  • Pascal
  • Estela
  • Blathers


This is one of the things I completely loved from the movie and the animation and art is so tied to the game that I just wanted to have more like this in a serie/anime. The reason is that it's a clear, smooth and cute animation that goes along with the game.


There are key moments in the movie that I loved:

  • Hooper not even talking, but fishing random stuff in the lake
  • Blathers talking in the museum
  • K.K Slider singing (since they actually used the game voice, which was hilarous, I laughed a lot)

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