Astrology Cusp

Discover your dominant nature inside

We are all aware that our day of birth is really important to define who we are and why we are here.

In this case, we wll get into the cusp sign of the zodiac signs. Cusp refers to the solar signs of a person who's birthday is in the cusp : a transition state between two different zodiac signs.

How does cusp have an impact in us?

If a person was born in a cusp, he or she might have specific energy from the two different zodiac signs involved. This does not mean that a person can have two different zodiac signs, but this mean that the personality of the person might differ from other's persons with the same sign.

List of Zodiac Cusp

You might find your birthday here, and if so, you might be interested to dig a little bit deeper into the topic. Here are all the birth day ranges for each zodiac sign cusp:

Date Range Zodiac Signs Meaning
Jan. 16th to Jan. 23rd Capricorn and Aquarius Cusp of Mystery
Feb. 15th to Feb. 21st Aquarius and Pisces Cusp of Sensibility
Mar. 17th to Mar. 23rd Pisces and Aries Cusp of Reborn
Apr. 16th to Apr. 22nd Aries and Taurus Cusp of Power
May. 17th to May. 23rd Taurus and Gemini Cusp of Energy
Jun. 17th to Jun. 23rd Gemini and Cancer Cusp of Magic
Jul. 19th to Jul. 25th Cancer and Leo Cusp of Oscilation
Aug. 19th to Aug. 25th Leo and Virgo Cusp of Exposure
Sep. 19th to Sep. 25th Virgo and Libra Cusp of Beauty
Oct. 19th to Oct. 25th Libra and Scorpio Cusp of Drama
Nov. 18th to Nov. 24th Scorpio and Saggitarius Cusp of Revolution
Dec. 18th to Dec. 24th Saggitarius and Capricorn Cusp of Prophecy
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