How To Add Video Chapters On YouTube | Increasing Your Subscribers and Views

Not working for you? Here's the definite guide of how make it work on 2020:

Recently in 2020, YouTube has created one amazing feature that will help a lot content creators and video organization in general: Video Chapters. This is not exactly new, because usually you can find a comment with the "key timestamps" that you can jump and check, but now you can see it on the Player and the creator can specify it.

Step by Step Guide

This can be done pretty easily, but it's not exactly specified somewhere in the platform. Here's how to add video chapters on YouTube:

  1. Plan and divide your video in sections you want to talk about.

    Planning, creating and editing videos is really hard, but in order to do so, you must add a new step, which is to organize your video so that you can later on "divide it" on sections that your viewers can skip to.

    For example, you may have a recipe video with the following: Introduction, Ingredients, Preparation, Tips, Result. Notice that these titles will appear in the player, so be careful

    Youtube Chapters Planning
  2. Get your video key timestamps on a spreadsheet.

    After you finish your video, you should have annotations of where to put your timestamps later on, which I would suggest using an spreadsheet.

    Youtube Chapters Spreadsheet
  3. Publish your video, with your Chapters in your description.

    When uploading your video on YouTube, you must add the timestamps on the Description, should be one per line.

    The format should be 00:00 TitleOfTheChapter, for example: 02:50 Publishing Your Video

    Youtube Chapters in Description
  4. Verify your Chapter Video

    Check that your video is segmented in chapters with the titles that you also specified

    Verify Youtube Chapters

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Why Are Chapters Important and Useful?

Well, there are millons of videos and it depends on the type of video you're trying to present to your viewers. In case you want to give it a try, here are 5 reasons why you should use it:

  • Helps your viewers get more context

    As you may now, sometimes you just want to get one point out from a video and you don't want to see all the video to get the answer or the topic it's about. That's why, giving to your audience specific points of your video chapter, will help them find what they're looking for with the context they're also asking for.

  • May increase your watch time

    Sometimes, mostly with new viewers, they check out one of your videos and since you start introducing yourself and explaining what the video is about, they just close the video and go to the next one. If they see that they're on the "Introduction" chapter, they may want to just skip it and go to the "Matters to Viewer" Chapter right away, which instead of having a viewer that dropped, you may find a viewer that watched 1 minute or more of your video because they found the content they were looking for.

  • Better Quality Video

    Videos that are presented like this, are perceived like they were really planned and the content creator took time to give the audience a guide in case they want to jump from topic to topic or from song to another song.

  • Organization

    Since you will plan your video based on timestamps, it may help you create an script and divide it in several pieces that you can add with your ideas or content.

Videos with Chapters

3 videos that you can check out for reference of how this Video Chapter feature looks like:

What kind of videos can use this feature?

At this point, there's not any restriction of the video type, but most of the cases that I've seen its being used for:

  • +10min/1 hour (or more) Videos
  • Videos with several songs on it
  • Tutorials
  • Explanation Videos (With Categories)

Now, you can use it as long as you feel you can "divide" your video in chapters and your audience may want to skip some or replay specific segments of your videos

Seems to be available for on YouTube for Desktop

It may vary later on, but it seems like it's not on the YouTube App yet, but you can watch it on your PC and you will find videos that are segmented in Chapters

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Always keep in mind that having an script will make it easier for you to decide when to put your timestamps.