MetalGreymon to Machinedramon | New Dark Mega Evolution | Swap to Wargreymon?

Explanation and Details.

Metalgreymon Dark Evolution

Digimon Adventure 2020 is introducing many references to other franchise products. In the last fight that we saw MetalGreymon and Wargreymon against DoneDevimon, some people got surprised by the fact that MetalGreymon evolved (not entirely) into Machinedramon.

In fact, some fans were already expecting something like this, since in the Evolution Animation, we saw Machinedramon Jaws behind MetalGreymon while evolving. Now, the reason why Machinedramon (Mugendramon) was selected, is because MetalGreymon has one of the parts that Machinedramon is made of.

Here we are talking about the construction of Machinedramon according to its profile, since it's made out of other Metal Empire Digimon pieces, such as: Andromon, MetalTyrannomon, and of course MetalGreymon.

Dark Evolution to Machinedramon Details

As you guys noticed, MetalGreymon did not fully evolve into Machinedramon, since the shape was reddish and felt more like the spirit or energy of it, since it represents the rage that MetalGreymon had at that moment. One other thing to higlight here is that the tail of Machinedramon was cut and also it didn't have the Cannons behind (this version looks exactly the same as the one presented in Xros Wars).

References of the Evolution

A new thing about this version of Machinedramon, is that the tail now expands into the other Machinedramon design (check out Machinedramon in Digimon World 2), that includes the tail at its full length. Also it included new holes where it can expulse a lasers around the place.

It also looked like Shin Godzilla attack from its tail.

Source of the Power: Miasma and Rage

In this version we get one of the most rude scenes in Digimon since 1999, and in fact, this is how Digimon is supposed to be: mosnters fighting to each other. We are talking about the scene where Machinedramon bites the DoneDevimon cap and rips it off, which if you think about it is part of the DoneDevimon itself, so it must hurt a lot. The battle between two digital monster was amazing and as the producers said in one interview: this is not only for children, this is for the fans that loves Digimon since its first release. One curious thing that maybe not everybody noticed is the reason why DoneDevimon ate Taichi, which is because Tai was really angry and affected by the miasma. When the enemy saw this, he felt attracted to it and that's why he ate it, which caused MetalGreymon to go rage mode and Dark Digivolve into this new version.

About the Enemy: DoneDevimon Details and Curiosities

As we all noticed, this is a new Digimon design that nobody was expecting. We all loved the new evolutive line that Devimon had, which included NeoDevimon, but this came out of nowhere. This Meta Evolution is based on Venom and Carnage (from Spiderman) and the design is just creepy enough to be a big villain. The laugh, the expressions, it looks truly like a Demon that lost control and is just domained by power. In the scene where it gets hit by Machinedramon, I loved that he is so crazy that when Machinedramon that just came from a Dark Evolution, is about to attack with the lasers, DoneDevimon grabs his tail and just destroys it while laughing like a crazy Digimon.

Swaping to Wargreymon

I almost cried when I saw Agumon coming out Machinedramon, crying and calling Taichi that was contained inside DoneDevimon. This is a really cute way to show how Agumon loves Tai and the strong bond between them that even made a partial side evolution into Wargreymon. This version of Wargreymon also is a reference to the V-Tamer manga where we had the same aura and color of this Mega Evolution.

Machinedramon Tail Controversy

There has been a huge discussion about the Core World in Digimon. Since everything in Digimon is cannon (incluidin games) there's a theory that is like the main story thread, which is called Core World. With that said, one of the main sources of this discussion is that in Digimon World 1, Machinedramon or Mugendramon, was released without tail (it seemed like it was cut off) but then in Digimon World 2, out of nowhere, the tail is completed. This means that all the worlds are related and there are many theories based on that. Now in the Anime, this is the first time that we are able to see

Difference Dark Evolution: Skullgreymon vs Machinedramon

We all remember how Greymon digivolved into Skullgreymon in the old series from 1999. This was because Taichi was forcing Greymon to evolve, which instead of filling himself with courage, filled him with anger and dispair. Here are the main differences between these dark evolutions:

  • Skullgreymon was a consequence of Taichi's actions: trying to force an evolution, Machinedramon was because of miasma and MetalGreymon feeling of anger and uncontroller feelings.
  • Skullgreymon didn't side evolve into MetalGreymon, in the other hand, in this new version Agumon was able to side evolve from Machinedramon to Wargreymon.
  • This time, the level of the Dark Evolution was at Mega, which may remind to some of you about the Dark Evolution of Megidramon in Digimon Tamers.
  • In this new version, the digivice was not even present for the evolution. In the old version, when Skullgreymon evolved, the digivice had a weird dark aura.


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