Saggitarius and Alteros Mode | Digimon | New Form Reference

Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon with X Variation Weapons

Alteros Mode and Saggitarius Mode Weapons

Digimon Adventure reboot has brought to us an amazing surprise that nobody was expecting: new forms for Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon, which are Alteros Mode and Saggitarius Mode. From my point of view this is just amazing, because it gives to the anime a fresh air.

We have been seeing that this is full of references to other Digimon animes/games, like reffering to X Digimons and more, but in this case is just too special. When I saw the scene, I thought that Mega was coming for Metalgreymon (Wargreymon) but the moment that I saw that new weapon, I was shocked, since this weapon belongs to Metalgreymon Virus X, which is actually amazing and makes sense that this new version of Metalgreymon can synthesize Virus data (miasma) and convert it into a new weapon.

With that said, Weregarurumon Saggitarius Mode and Metalgreymon Alteros Mode are now the most powerful version of those Digimons.

Alteros Mode

Metalgreymon's profile has been updated in order to know understand how this mode works.

Metalgreymon Virus X

Remember that the original Metalgreymon is the Virus one (which is the blue one) and then later on the version we know was created.

Profile Update

There was an interesting update on the profile since there's a new Alteros description. Basically this Metalgreymon it's different than the original one, because in the Folder Island they absorb information instead of getting mechanized.

Saggitarius Mode

Can use the wings as dual blades! That's just a new combat style for Weregarurumon.

Weregarurumon X

X-Antibody Relation

One thing to consider is that miasma IS NOT the X-Antibody. The X-Antibody was implemented in the Movie and basically was planned to actually destroy all Digimons, but it caused variations in some of them instead.

This doesn't mean that we are actually getting X forms in the new series. In fact, the creator of the X Digimons (Asmaria) answered a tweet asking about these new designs, and the answer was basically that he had to create a power up for Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon and he thought that adding this reference would be nice. This means that the weapons are not the X-Antibody, they just look the same.

Blast Mode

Blast mode makes more sense for these new forms, because this was a concept introduced in the Digimon Accel and it basically potentiates the Digimon to get a temporary form. In this case, they get a Weapon like what happened with GeoGreymon in Digimon Savers.

Why New Forms Make Sense

Remember that all Digimons have a direct connection to the catalog of all Digimons. This is why they actually know each others names,

Are we having new Forms for each Digi Destined Partner?

No, I don't really think so. This is due to the fact that the anime seems to have preferences for Metalgreymon and Weregarurumon (come on, those evolution animation are exclusive for sure).


Want to know more about X Digimons?

Some people have never seen this variation of Digimons and that's completely fine. In case you want to know more you should visit the Wiki about it.