Spirit Animals Game Overview

A new adventure is coming!

Spirit Animals Dravalon Online Game is about making your Spirit Animal connection stronger. No download is needed, it's free and we have a big list of spirit animals available for you to pick.

Gameplay is an RPG combined with an Idle Game Style, which is really fun! All creatures in this game have a spirit inside, which is why you take care of an egg where you can hatch one creature based on one of your spirits inside. Play now! There’s a big story waiting for you!

Gameplay and How To Play Online

Finding your animal soul and partner is an interesting adventure, which is what we want to focus on early in the game. Here’s how to play spirit animals game:

  1. Take care of your Spirit Animal Egg.
  2. Hatch it by touching it and you’ll get the Spirit
  3. Start growing your spirit by touching it and buying auras, crystals, stones and others that will help it feel better and stronger.
  4. Share with your friends your creature so that it grows even more.
  5. Strengthen your relationship with your Spirit Animal and evolve it.
  6. Complete missions to get rewards.
  7. Go into dungeons to get drops and special items.
  8. Hatch them all!
Spirit Animal List

Your Virtual Pet Online

Remember that you can think of your Spirit Animal as your Pet, so take care of it online in this new game adventure. It will grow as you progress. Also, you can create your evolution line as you want.

Spirit Animals List

This is currently under development.

Each creature in Dravalon has a spirit animal inside and it powers them up according to each soul. Here's the Spirit Animal List we have for the game:

  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Owl
Bear Spirit Animals Game Icon
Deer Spirit Animals Game Icon
Dragon Spirit Animals Game Icon
Owl Spirit Animals Game Icon
Wolf Spirit Animals Game Icon
Bear Spirit Animals Game Icon
Deer Spirit Animals Game Icon
Dragon Spirit Animals Game Icon
See All Dravalon Spirit Animals

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You will receive rewards after your account creation. It's really simple and we will also save your progress automatically. There's also special content for our registered users.

This online game does not require any download.

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