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Spirit Animals, Zodiac Signs and Yourself

Discover a new experience to understand astrology and get accurate information for you to increase your inner spiritual knowledge.

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Below you will find spirit animals, zodiac signs, birth chart and even chinese zodiac signs. All contain a lot of resources and tools you need to achieve the next level of understanding in each topic and in astrology.

Spirit Animals Guide

Spirit Animals

Find out your guardian inside, represented by one or more spirit animals, what they mean and how they can help you handle certain situations in your life.

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Spirit Animals Guide

12 Zodiac Signs

They might reveal a lot of your personality, weaknesses and strengths. They also must be considered for how people behave and act in determined situations.

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Astrology Academy

Here you will learn basic concepts and in depth topics that will help you understand what astrology is and all the topics that surround it.

Three Modalities in Astrology

Three Modalities in Astrology

Divided into three groups, each having specific behaviours and traits.

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Meaning of Asteroids in Astrology

Understanding Cusp in Astrology

Special timefrimes that people absorb more than one zodiac sign energy.

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The course of your life can be guided and understood from the beggining.

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Our past and ancestors define who we are today, which is why it's important.

I'm intereted in my ancestors
Chinese Zodiac


Nowadays a really common tool for people to predict what can happen in the future.

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Birth Chart


Knowing your desires, ambitions and journey is the goal of this category in astrology.

Learn how to use numerology