Explaining The Reindeer Spirit Animal In Depth

Dravalon Seek CEO
By Cesar Lopez

The reindeer is a spirit animal with personality traits like careful, cautious, curius and also stable. This increases our chances to detect possible danger or even problems that are affecting our spiritual balance.

They also are a signal to keep going with your plan, even though is might seem like a hard thing to achieve, following your plan will help you as a guide. Apart from that, they usually help us feel less stressed and don't overthink about ideas we might have.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Reindeer Spirit Animal

The Reindeer symbolizes intentiveness, cleverness, and creativity

Reindeer have always been a reference of christmas celebration, but there's a deeper meaning of this symbol. When we see a reindeer, unconsciously our brain relaxes at least a little, which is why it helps us increase our energy level and pay more attention to name the emotion we are feeling.

This is why, the reindeer spirit animal is usually a symbol of intentiveness and cleverness, you feel more in control. This allows us to actually take decisions and expands our point of view, which is why this spirit animal also stimulates our creativity.

Reindeer Spirit Animal stimulates our social skills

The reindeer also shares with us the sense of being with others, becase the same as humans, they are social beings. This is another useful skill that the reindeer spirit animal can offer to us.

What does it mean to see a Reindeer anywhere?

Usually spirit animals manifest in specific ways in our lifes. Maybe in a dream, or you feel like you see it anywhere you go, or even this animal appeared in a trip you went and you felt a connection.

The important piece here is that you feel connected to it somehow, which is a sign that your inner spirit animal might be trying to communicate.

Reindeer appeared in a dream. What does it mean?

When dreaming with a reindeer spirit animal, we can interpret this in two different ways:

The reindeer was actively in the dream
The reindeer was passively in the dream

Reindeer Zodiac Sign

The zodiac sign of the reindeer spirit animal is Capricorn.

Reindeer Spirit Animal Totem

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Is Reindeer my Spirit Animal?

As we reviewed above, we know some personality traits of the reindeer spirit animal. But here we need to determine if your spirit animal is actually the reindeer. Here are some signs and methods to use to know if the reindeer is your spirit animal:

Interest in Reindeer Spirit Animal

Meditate and ask your inner-self

For any spirit animal inside, we usually recommend a meditation that is spirit-animal oriented. Try to talk with your spirit animal and see if you feel any new connection. Consider that you must achieve a really balanced energy level to do so.

Using a Reindeer Spirit Animal Totem

We always suggest to clean our totems before using them. Once it's clean, you can start trying to charge it with your energy, and then we can consider if the totem is actually compatible with your energy by touching it (is it cold?). If it's cold, then it is compatible with your energy.

Include your the Reindeer Spirit Animal in Meditations

In your meditation habits, you can start by asking your spirit animal what is the shape they have and which are the skills or things you need to improve in your life. Based on that, you can determine if it's the Reindeer or not.

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