Diamarium World


As its name suggest, Dramarium is a really beautiful planet, covered with a sky that looks like a Diamond, and when its genergy gets solified, it creates diamonds. All the species of this planet have a gelation power.

The World Tree

When the ecosystem was being created, there were three big stones near the three, which absorbed a lot of energy from the tree and created the three natural satellite. Also the tree has its own special energy, which consist on pretty much dark and light.
Also this one has its own balance of power where darkness can't live without light and the other way around. Depending on the hour, the tree gives dark or light energy.

The Spirit Animals

Here we are going to have two different species of spirits. Since it has three different satellites, each of them is really unique. One is really bright, another one is half light and the last one has only darkness. The way the day or night is defined on this planet, its based on the position of these three. Now, when the light is on the sky, the Dark Spirits emerge, and when there's only deep darkness, the Light Spirits awake and fill the world with they bright light. The reason is because long time ago, the leaders of the two species had a disagreement, so they decided that they did not want to see each other again, and from that day on, Darks should be awake while Lights are sleeping. They both can receive darkness and light, but that's the rule.

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