The best word to describer this world is red, due to its unique fire red that combines with other colors in order to create a beautiful environment and its amazing World Tree. Flarnet it the planet of the flame and one other curious thing about it is that the fire is a cold one. For that reason, the creatures that lives on this planet love heat.

It has a colorful reddish orange leaves, with a really big red wine trunk. From the tree there are several flow rates where the shiny water flows. This is kind of special, because the water is transparent, clear and really hot and it goes all through the planet.


Flarnet has only one kind of creatures: The Meluems. These creatures are kind, full of love and they care about each other. Because of this armony, their planet is a peaceful places and they even kind of merged with it, because they evolved to the point where they got the same fire red color on their skin. Nevertheless, the energy of this planet had one specific problem: It creates just too much addiction for the Meluems, because it was really really hot. Whenever one of them consumed any fruit from the environment, there was not coming back. For that reason, the food was prohibited, and nobody was allowed to even touch the food. In fact, they did not even needed it, the water had this balance of enough energy and being charm enough for them.

Later on they found that there were hot sprints on the planet and also there was a huge volcano near the World Tree, so they also started to consume lava, and they recharged energies using the hot springs.

While this energy was really hot and dangerous due to its power, it was also really useful for technology. The Meluems started to create some devices to make their lives easier. To be continued...

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