Ophire World


Surrounded by Northern Lights, Ophire is a blue planet, which zones are divided in half like the ice region and the volcanic region. At its center, is the Ophitic Universal Stone, hence its name is Ophire. One of the curious things about this planet is that its World Tree has two colors and parts, the fire part is in the ice area and the ice part is in the fire area. This contributes to maintaining the balance of energies.


Once the Ophire ecosystem was established, several sub species began to emerge from the energy of the stone. The first species that emerged were:

The Atsui, The Samui and The Razui

In their original versions, the races lived in harmony limiting their worlds, the Atsui would live on the fire side, the Samui would live on the ice side, and the Razui, would have their large side on the opposite side where the tree of world was As they evolved and lived, each race began to notice that what grew near the tree contained more energy and therefore was more exquisite and rich for them. This led to the Razui getting upset and causing the first conflict known as "The Great DIN”. This conflict, lasted about 2 years, there were many losses, several central wars and injured people. Finally the war is resolved with the Razui agreeing to be nomads, since their population was greatly reduced, and the Atsui would be restricted to only being on the fire side and the Samui on the ice side.

Eventually, sometime later, like all the trees in the world, in order to release their energy, they must create a fruit, which must be eaten by one of the beings that contains the energy of the tree. And that's how the Guardian of Ophire was born: Nelstal.

Nestal was a Razui, whose parents died in the war.

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