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Digital Tamers ReBorn
New Digimon Game | Guide & Review

A game that reminds me of what Digimon was truly about when it got released the very first time.
Digital Tamers ReBorn was developed and published by dragonrod342.

There are many indie games out there, and for this particular case, I think we are seeing one amazing game that you will spend hours on it.

Digital Tamers Reborn, a new battling game experience that is based on the Digimon Series. Here you will find a digivolution guide to know what is your digimon going to evolve into. In the game, you can fight, evolve and win battles with your Digimons in order to get rewards.

General Overview

It is really nice to see an adaptation of the virtual pets core of the game. You start with a DigiEgg that you must take care of, by feeding, cleaning, battling and more with your Digimon. As it grows, you will face stronger Digimons and of course, would be harder to evolve. The key at the early phase is to train to grow your stats.

Also, this game has the energy feature, where you need specific energy amount in order to perform an action. You might notice this more when starting.

Evolution Tames Reborn Guide

Our New Digital Tamers Evolution Guide Tool

We are currently working on a evolution guide tool , which has an evolution chart to make it easier for us to understand all evolutions. This is currently under development

English Tutorial

Spanish Tutorial

Video Trailer

We all got really excited when we first saw the trailer of this APK / game, back in September 17th, 2020:

Stats, Evolution and More

The key behind everything in this game, is the stats. With that, you’re able to know if you can defeat an enemy or not. We have several things to do with them, since we must train really hard if we want to achieve the next level of evolution with our partners.

Evolution Guide - Know Your Digimon Digivolution Chart

If you're looking for a detailed information, you can check out our evolution guide tool or this document where we have all the variations of the evolutions.

We all love to know what is it going to evolve into and how can I get a specific Digimon. Here are some factors to consider when evolving:

  • Victories
  • Defeats
  • Level
  • Specific Xp (like Dragon, Holy, Machine, Beast, Bird, etc)
  • Attack
  • Defense

As you can see, it is not only about going out there and level up. If you want to have a specific evolution, you must consider a bunch of stats.


About the stats that you should worry about, the game offers four:

  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Health
  • Attack Speed
You can increase these by using the Training mode for each of the stats. Now, there's a nice mechanic: if you increase your attack for example, it will slightly decrease your defense, that way there's a balance between the stats.

Features Available

  • Single Player 1x1 Platform Fighting.
  • Over 370 different obtainable Digimon.
  • Over 100 challenges to excel and unlock items, secret evolution and more.
  • All game actions performed by mouse

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You Name The Price

A really nice thing about the game is that you can name your own price, so please support this great developer and download the game now!