List of Animals That Represent Darkness

What is the meaning of dark spirit animals?

Dark Spirit Animals have a huge potential to help us manage emotions that are charged with heavy energy.

Considering that their chakra color is black, they can help us remove that energy that we don't need from our lives, like things that makes us sad, stress, mystery, fear and many other emotions that usually lead us to feel bad.

But that's not all about the black color, some others think about darkness as the background of an amazing picture that is a starry night.

The same applies for Spirit Animals, not all spirit animals that you will see here are related with darkness, evil and mystery, some of them may even surprise you.

Black Spirit Animal tend to provide a lot of serenity, pure emotions, sobriety and eventually you can get to a zero point, which related to the instinctive feeling we had in our mother's womb, it was dark but you started from there and it was a really wonderful place for us. That's why when you activate the black spirit animal chakra, you may start feeling like you're starting from scratch in anything, like on a project, study, carreer, emotion or a new episode in your life you can feel is starting but you can't still see anything that's waiting for you.

Black Spirit Animals List

Do not expect to see all dark and black here, remember: black is not a bad spirit animal color and all of us have something 'black' inside, which is why all spirits can invoke a dark chakra color. The following list is made of spirit animals that resonate pretty good with the meaning of the black color:

  • Whale

  • Whale

  • Dog

  • Racoon

  • Raven

  • Pelican

  • Sheep

  • Bear

Now, some of them are hard to invoke, because of their nature, be patient and they'll get to you. One important thing to understand is that they like elegancy, maybe you can try imaging yourself as a person that is really well dressed, dance and sing (even if you feel you're not good at it, the spirit animal will feel the intention).

Stones To Help in Spirit Animal Meditation

Whenever we mention spirit animals, there's meditation in between, because is the easier way we can call our spirit animal. In case you're not sure how to do so, check out our video of Spirit Animal Colors where we briefly explain how to call your spirit animal. With that said, here are some of the ones we suggest when you want to awake your black spirit animal:

  • Onyx

  • Black Diamond

  • Obsidian

  • Black Zircon

  • Black Garnet

These stones carry a lot of energy, so be careful and remember to clean them this way: on any clean surface, put them there and then an entire night under the moonlight. You shouldn’t use them before that and also make sure to have them somewhere near that you can remember while meditating, these kind in specific are usually weared while meditating.

Black Spirit Animal Techniques

For any Black Spirit Animal user, when you activate the black chakra you should be able to do two different techniques:

  • Black Cloak

    Imagine you have a black cloak that makes you invisible and nobody can hear you. This way, you can feel disconnected from the world and actually start thinking about what really matters. It's like you're in a dark room and the only things you can see are the things you imagine.

  • Black Sphere

    You can use this technique whenever you feel like you need discipline or to increase your sense of elegance. Imagine you have a big Black Sphere in your hand that can grow as big as a room, you can enter and when you leave it you will have whatever you need at that moment.

Remember that both techniques require a really good synergy with your Spirit Animal.

When should I use Black Chakra with my spirit animal?

Black Chakra is a heavy load of energy, for that reason you may get really tired after using this chakra. You should expect increasing your discipline, elegance and power. Most of the people uses this whenever they feel lonely, sad or in any state where you just need company. Call your spirit animal and use the black chakra techniques to help you get out of that zone.

Food to eat that may help

You need things that have a lot of sugar, for example: cookies, chocolate or coffee. This is because since black chakra drains a lot of energy, you may need it.

Places suggested for meditation

This is really easy when we talk about Dark Chakra: a starry night. If not, then a place where you can feel the darkness, not exactly without any light, you can use a soft light.

Sounds to use while awakening your Blue Spirit Animal

Here are some videos and audios you can use to help you getting to that relaxation point so that you can talk to your spirit animal and awake your Black Chakra.

Downside of this Chakra

Basically this will drain a lot of your stamina and energy, and also is really hard to invoke the spirit animals mentioned.

In Dravalon Seek, this chakra is easy to find in the Draconix world, since the energy there reacts really well to this kind of color.

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