Your Spirit Animal According To Your Zodiac Sign

Spirit animals are spirits that guide and protects a person on a journey. They can help us discover our best skills, make better decisions and improve our day to day.

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Last updated on Nov 12, 2022

A person's particular zodiac sign is determined by the date they were born. That's a unique moment that the universe, the stars, planets and the sun are in a particular position.

Spirit Animals By Zodiac Sign

Spirit Animal and Zodiac Sign Relationship

Using the personality traits, the meaning and symbolism, we can determine the relationship with Spirit Animals and each Zodiac Sign.

Aries Spirit Animal: Goat



Tranquility, faith and desire are characteristic of the goat spirit animal. Goats also helps in situations where you need to be impulsive and brave.

Other Spirit Animals that are also related with Aries are:

Taurus Spirit Animal: Bear



The bear spirit animal symbolizes tranquility, protection and faith. You will always have a special place where you can rest, hide and spend your time so that you can rest.

Gemini Spirit Animal: Dog



Dog meaning and symbolism include friendship, loyalty, discipline and responsability. It can also be related to protection and joy, since they are usually able to overcome how they feel and start feeling happy out of a sudden.

Gemini is also associated with other spirit animals:

Cancer Spirit Animal: Bee



Bee is one of the most protective, hard-workers, and dedicated spirit animals. They help others without hesitation and understand the importance of team work.

Gemini also have other spirit animals:

Leo Spirit Animal: Lion



Generous and warm-hearted defines the traits of lion spirit animal. They are also associated with majesty, royalty and justice, since in human culture we usually use it as the king of the jungle.

Leo Zodiac Sign is also related to the following spirit animals:

Virgo Spirit Animal: Fox



The fox spirit animal represents cleverness, independance and an increased awareness. They like to explore new places and know how to behave in dangerous situations.

Virgo is also connected to these spirit animals:

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Libra Spirit Animal: Panda



The panda spirit animal shares the meaning with Libra, since both represent balance and symmetry. This is because the panda is associated with the Ying and Yang, and Libra is associated to the scales in its symbol.

Libra Zodiac Sign shares also characteristics with:

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Scorpio Spirit Animal: Snake



Snakes and Scorpio are both misunderstood concepts. Snake is one of the oldest mythological symbols and they are a symbol of everlasting life, transformation and transition. Scorpio people seems to be rude or cold, but most of the times they are loving and caring.

Scorpio is also related to these spirit animals:

Sagittarius Spirit Animal: Horse



The horse spirit animal represents freedom, nobleness and courage. This aligns with the symbolism of Saggitarius, with the following personality characteristics: freedom, exploration and majesty.

Other spirit animals related to Sagittarius are:

Capricorn Spirit Animal: Wolf



The wolf spirit animal represents family, communication and tenacity. This animal is very social, they are usually in small family groups called packs. This matches with the personality traits of the capricorn zodiac sign.

Capricorn is also related to the following animals:

Aquarius Spirit Animal: Fish



Optimistic and original are two personality characteristic of the fish spirit animal.

Pisces Spirit Animal: Elephant



The elephant spirit animal represents wisdom, patience and prosperity.It's related to Pisces, because they focus on reaching their goals in the best way.

Other spirit animals related to Pisces are:

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