Spiritual Candles and Crystals

These can change your day and mood as you want.

Your brain reacts depending on the smells you perceive and those lead to mental and physical effects which also impacts how we feel and our energy inside.

Here is where candles come into place, because they can conditionate how you feel and start triggering energies and effects that you desire just with a specific smell.

Improving your life

There are cases where problems like insomnia, stress and muscle pain which is why you see everyone picks a candle by the end of the day where we carry a lot of bad energy, feel exhausted and just want a small relaxation point to fill up our energies again.

Types of Candles We Recommend

There are a huge variety of candles out there, we put together a list of the ones we use and also recommend in case you want to get one. Most of the ones below have been used by at least 1 member in the our team, and we try to offer the best quality we've found. Here's a list of candles with their corresponding effect, benefits and what are they for:

Candles Crystals

Usually these are Herbs and Fruits Candles combined with specific crystals so that they attract or give energy the the candle. These are also a really nice gift for people with a specific intetion.

For that reason, we recommend you make your own to transmit the energy you want, but if you are looking for a baseline as reference, you can use this one:

Intention Candle Self Love Intention Candle for Self-Love and Abundance Get it on Amazon

Herbs and Fruits Candles

These are really commonly used in other products, but they have specific functionalities when it comes to candles, because the essence is really pure in a candle and it's not that much processed.

Candle Helps with Benefits
Cinnamon Candle Product Cinnamon Candle Get it on Amazon Concentration
  • Helps to focus.
  • Meditation it's easier.
  • Improves your cognitive function.
Apple Candle Product Apple Candle Get it on Amazon Headache Treatment
  • Mitigates migraine.
  • Reduces headache symptoms.
  • Controls anxiety (green apple).
  • Manage cravings and hunger pangs. (Avoid snacking)
Lavender Candle Product Lavender Candle Get it on Amazon Better Sleeping
  • Relaxant properties to calm down.
  • Sooth your mind and body in an instance.
  • Used against insomnia or sleeping disorders.
Lemon Candle Product Lemon Candle Get it on Amazon Stress Reduction
  • Improves your immune system.
  • 'Feeling fresh' helps you change your energy.
  • Used commonly to fight anxiety, anger and stress.
Vanilla Candle Product Vanilla Candle Get it on Amazon Uplifting mood
  • Strong effect on mood changes (more relaxed)
  • Curb cravings as well.
  • Used commonly in houses for a good smell.
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