Heal and Balance your Energy

Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl

A simple but powerful instrument: the tibetian singing bowl; is commonly used for sound therapy and healing, relaxation and meditation.

Benefits of using a singing bowl

Here we will introduce the concept of sound bath (or sound healing), which is a meditative experience, based on vibrations, for those who are listening to a specific instrument that resonates and increase energy levels around. This help the audience to focus and achieve a deep relaxation level.

With that in mind, we must understand that this triggers vibrations in your body which is why this is a great way to indulge yourself in a relaxing, meditative state. Here are 5 advantages of using this instrument:

  • Helps you to calm down, heal and discover what's inside yourself.
  • Lowers your stress level.
  • Achieve specific vibrations (related to chakras).
  • Helps you to regulate the blood plessure and achieve a meditation state.

Getting Started

Your very first experience is key to understand what's the fuction of the singing bowl. We recommend you to attend first to a sound bath to get used to the feeling and sound, and also what words can you use while using this instrument.

Our Tibetian Singign Bowl Recommendation

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The reason why we recommend using this set, it's because we believe it has a perfect shape for a tibetian singing bowl and it's made of really high quality material.

We also suggest to get the Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide for more details about how to use the stones that the set above includes.

Simple steps to use

Starting over, playing with the singing bowl will be fun and interesting, but as you take your time learning, you will see that is really complex to accomplish a meditation with the corresponding sound vibration you want to be in. Here are our recommendations to start with your singing bowl:

  • Smoothly tap it with the stick.
  • Use the stick to play a sound like people do with water glass.
  • Do not play too hard, usually you want to make smooth movements, circular or when hitting.
  • Try do hear the sound and hear how it last for many seconds.

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