Understanding Pendulum Stone

Learn the true meaning of this wonderful stone

Pendulums are a helpful tool to use to detect energy levels, ask specific questions and connect with your spirit beings, even your spirit animals!

Before you start using it

You must be careful about your vibrations and frequency, they both must be high. This is because of the law of attraction, so you can only connect with the same level of energy you’re in. If you’re angry and screaming, and you try using a pendulum, you can guess that energies you attract might not be healthy for you.

Our Pendulum Recommendation

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The reason why we picked and we recommend using the Chakra Stones Set - Crystals and Healing Stones Kit, it's because it is a reliable source to start learning healing and have many resources where we began our journey into Reiki as well.

You can learn the details of each and is really worth it. Also in case you need another detailed explanation you can check the Pendulum for Beginners Book in case you're also starting in this world.

Using the pendulum

Of course, you will need a pendulum and you must learn how to use it and clean it. Now, we got also our first set which helped us to clean the place to avoid energies that might impact in the pendulum.

Picking Pendulum Chart

Answering with a Pendulum

If you want a question to be answered, you will need a pendulum chart. In our experience, we recommend using this one since it can be also cleaned and it also retain good energy and has a beautiful design.

Here are the steps you need to follow before you start asking questions:

  1. Clean your pendulum
  2. Gently tap it little bit with your thumbnail.
  3. Hold your pendulum in a hand
  4. Calibrate your pendulum
  5. Put it in the center of your pendulum chart.
  6. Ask a question you know is a yes for sure to a final calibration.
  7. You are free now to start asking the question you wanted.
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