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Spirit Animal Story

Dear reader, tuck yourself in your favorite place and let me tell a story of Dravalon, a really far Universe and Koda, the lost soul.

Chapter 1 - Creation

In that moment, Koda started to realize that she had no way to escape, and nobody was going to help her.

As she felt more and more hopeless she saw one way to get out, but it was forbidden, it was bad and everyone knew that was the one rule you should never break.

She closed her eyes and a few seconds later, a red lava sign appeared in Koda's forefront. Then she started to remember the day when she saw her first Spirit in her life.

A really warm memory for her, but things were completely different back then and she was an innocent kid, ignoring how big and amazing the Universe was and how evil and arrogant can someone be in a matter of seconds. She started crying while remembering.

At that time, she used to walk to school. It was the exploration time as she used to call it so she wore her investigation goggles that his father gave to her. As usual, that day she heard a special kind of wind sound. It was different from the other days, but she ignored it because in the past she told every single friend she had and nobody was able to listen to it

Spirit Animal Story Chapter 1

She didn’t knew that it was special, and it was not only wind sound, instead, she saw a little figure in the air, a figure that looked familiar, a lot of white hair, small with big ears and feet, but with small eyes and hands, it was jumping in the air like it was its favorite place to be.

Koda ran towards it and it started to run away into the forest that was nearby school. She would have easily followed the spirit, as she called it, some time ago, but she had already skipped many classes in the school and was about to be expelled.

Koda always loved science and nature, and believed that nature had a deep connection with them and there was a special thing on each tree, not only the Big World Tree that everybody talked about, she cared about the little things.

She was about to go to the school when suddenly she noticed that there was another being in the forest, this time was bigger and had two big bones that looked like tree branches in its head but it had the same color and abstract form of the other creature. Without thinking more about it she dived into the forest, looking for these two rare spirits

Chapter 2 - Spirits

She kept distance from the being, because it had a really interesting behavior, it seemed like it has been there for years, and was also playing with the smaller spirit, like when old friends meet each other. They produced sounds that she'd never listened before, except for one: "The Wind Sound…" —thought Koda.

It came from the small being that produced it when it was having fun, it was so familiar to her. Then she wasn't crazy, this little spirit has been around for some time. "They are awesome, aren't they" —a misterious voice from behind Koda said.—"WOAH!".

With an impressive speed, the guy hid both of them in a bush. The two spirits heard them but since they didn't see anything bad, they continued playing around. —"WHO ARE YOU?!"—exclaimed Koda. —"Hey! Be quiet! My name is Mun Drel, you can call me Mun!"

She push him off, and stare at him: "What are these things?" "I don't know, I followed that big one to here and I discovered it existed yesterday, but I am so happy to know that I am not crazy!" "What do you mean?"—asked in a really rude manner. "A couple of months ago, I used to hear a voice while I did my usual walk during the nights. Every single one, it was like someone was calling me, and nobody ever believed me. I walked with my mom, my dad and even my grandpa and nothing, only I was able to listen to it and I thought I was only imagining, until yesterday…" "You saw the spirit." "The what?" "That's how I call them, spirits. I read it in an old book: "A nonphysical being that travels our dimension." "Right… that spirit"—while Mun was pointing at the big being in the forest."

Then the spirits started to behave differently, and that brought the attention of the two Druins, which remained in complete silence, while watching how both beings were slowly disappearing. The small one combined with a gust of wind, and the big one merged with a beautiful tree, which leaves started to grow and shine a little bit. "HEY GET BACK HERE!"—screamed Koda after revealing herself. "That was beautiful, did you see how the tree started to glow?" "But they are gone! What do we do now?" "I think they just hid, I suppose we will see them soon. Wait a minute, how did you get here?" "By chance, I was walking nearby and saw something." "Right… You sure about that?" "Yes." "Ok." "Ok." - Koda remedied.

While they were getting out of the forest, they talked about how amazing these creatures were and if they should keep it as a secret since nobody is going to believe them. They agreed that they won't talk about it and also realized that they were in the same school. Once they were out, Mun asked one question that would change Koda's life forever:

Have you heard about the World Seed Theory? That term sounded so familiar but at the same time she wasn't able to define what was about. Mun prusued: It's not something proved, but this kind of things make me thing that's something real. You know, that there's something else out there and the world tree has something misterious. Like where did it come from? Why it came here? What if it dies? All those kind of things explained in the theory… it's interesting, isn't it?

Out of nowhere, Koda started to run while saying goodbye to Mun.

Once she got in the old library, she looked for a book that she'd read before about Draconix origins. She looked in the index, searched through the pages, the images, knew it was somewhere. Then she remembered that it was at the back of the book:

...To all people interested in my ideas, you can find the details about my World Seed Theory in the book: "Spiritual Creatures, the Unknown side of the Draconix" by Cinder Akai.

That day at night, Koda didn't want to eat and stayed at her bedroom while serving dinner, and her father went there: Did you find something you don't understand or is it that you just feel down today? Couldn't find a book and I can't stand the intrigue. Oh, well where did y… Every single where dad, my legs hurt. All libraries, in the market, all stores, I even asked the oracle and she said that I will find it in my near future. As usual… - said her that while laughing. - What's that book and why do you want it? I don't want to talk about it dad… I just need the book. It's called Spiritual Creatures, the Unknown side of Draconix. Sounds like my daughter is going to flip our world upside down - claimed her dad while touching her hair. Dad… is important. No worries, let me see what I can do. I think I will do a better job searching if my daughter eats something for dinner.

Koda smiled and hugged her father. She went downstairs, eat her dinner and went back up to draw the two spirits she saw earlier. She was also thinking a way to get closer to them and play together, she thought about it so much that she felt sleep trying to figure out the best solution.


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