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By Cesar Lopez

A really ancient animal, the Alligator is a spirit animal with fortune, high strength, and the main trait is the wisdom as to when to do something in the right time.

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Alligator Spirit Animal

The Ancient Alligator Spirit Animal Traits

Alligator tend to be a pacific animal and generally they only attack or move when is really necessary. This is actually a trait that the alligator spirit animal can bring to our lives. There are times that we feel that we need to cover everything, move things around and keep doing and doing. But we skip our relaxed and peaceful moments, where we need to rest.

Our bodies need this time, our brain can't always be working towards creating, doing our job and doing tasks. This is really stressful and this can even make us sick. With this spirit animal, you will have the skill to make right decisions, like knowing when is the right time and prioritize tasks by using the wisdom the alligator has.

Fortune, Strength and Primal Instinct

Alligators also have a primal instinct to know the position of where they need to be for the next hours. We can consider this as a reference to know what projects are going to take our time, maybe planning a 6 month project or even one that can last for 5 years. The question of "Where do you see yourself in the next 6 years?" can be answered using this skill.

Usually spirit animals manifest in specific ways in our lifes. Maybe in a dream, or you feel like you see it anywhere you go, or even this animal appeared in a trip you went and you felt a connection.

The important piece here is that you feel connected to it somehow, which is a sign that your inner spirit animal might be trying to communicate.

Alligators appeared in a dream. What does it mean?

Animals like the alligator, might not be the best to dream about, because they might look scary. But that does not mean that is something bad. Just like when we dream about death, it might be interpreted as a new thing coming to your life.

Here is how you can interpret dreaming about alligators:

Alligator was really scary in the dream

This is actually a fear you might have. But, not afraid of the alligator, but fear of starting a new project, fear of success or just fear of the future. You need to slow things down as the alligator and use the wisdom you have inside to make a decision and eventually it will go away.

You just saw an alligator in the dream

This means that your wisdom is in balance, you are doing things the right way even though you might feel you are not. Remember that the alligator moves slowly and the same goes for our projects.

Alligator Zodiac Sign

Capricorn is the zodiac sign of the alligator spirit animal. You might be asking: "But this is not my zodiac sign. Can the alligator still be my spirit animal?". The answer to that is yes, and the reason we make this relationship is because we don't believe that we are tied to only 1 zodiac or spirit animal.

We are complex human beings, and the emotions we feel might feel like an alligator today, but tomorrow you completely change because of a specific thing that happened in your life.

Alligator Spirit Animal Totem

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How to know if the Alligator is my Spirit Animal?

You have an interest in the alligator since you are reading this, that's the starting point. Now there might be things to consider before making a decision:

Meditation Exercise focused in your spirit animal

Get an alligator totem

Personality Match

Try to analyze your personality and see if this spirit animal has a relationship with you. Remember that our spirituality is really complex and might not be related to just one spirit animal.

Include your Wolf Spirit Animal in Meditations

In your meditation habits, you can start by asking your spirit animal what is the shape they have and which are the skills or things you need to improve in your life. Based on that, you can determine if it's the Reindeer or not.

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